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Gfs CAPE and Lifted Index                                                                   source:http://www.wetterzentrale.de
Grey or White-lines: Lifted Index  solid grey lines > 0 (poor LI values),  dashed white lines<=0degC (moderate or 'good' LI values)
CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy) See scale at right of diagram: blue/green - low values of CAPE , orange/red - high values of CAPE

Critical values CAPE:

<300              :   little or no convective potential.
300 to1000   :   weak convective potential.
1000 to 2500:   moderate convective potential.
> 2500           :   strong convective potential.

Tests on the field shows there is no good correlation between CAPE values and severe weather events. (Weak CAPE and strong wind shear may also produce severe thunderstorms).

Critical values LI  (not to be used in winter):

>0         :  unlike potential for thunderstorms.
0 to -2  :  weak potential, but with trigger (front, trough, orography).
-3 to -5 :  moderate potential.
< -5       :  strong potential.

Tests on the field shows there is good correlation between LI values < -5 and severe weather events.